Derby Phoenix

Derby Phoenix

With the launch of the new Web Site, I have been asked to provide a few observations with regard to the time I have been involved with the Club.

I first came to the Club nights in late 1997, and gradually gained an insight into the world of Club Motor Cycle Racing.

In the 1998 season, I became more involved and assisted at Race Meetings, usually in the Race Control, working the radio system on Race days. It was amazing how quickly you gain an understanding of both the sharp end? of the riders on the circuit, and the depth of work that goes on behind the scenes to enable a race meeting to be put together, and brought to fruition on the day.

At that time, Mallory; Darley Moor; Three Sisters; and Cadwell were all new to me, and just getting there on Race days was an event in itself.

As you know, at each years Annual General Meeting the Clubs successes and sometimes shortcomings are reported to the Membership. These Meetings also see the Election of Club Officials and Directors for the following year. In January 2000, I was elected onto the Board, and promptly saw another face of the running of the Club.

It is only then that you see just how much work and time are committed behind the scenes to showcase the Club at the various circuits that we were using.

As time progressed so did the standing of the Club, which has led to the success we now enjoy, and the invitations to use some of the premier circuits? Oulton Park; Donington; Croft and Snetterton, in addition to our old faithful at Mallory, Cadwell, and Anglesey (which will not be used in 2006).

An additional improvement has been the opening of the Race Office and Scrutineering on the evening before Race Day. To get Riders scrutineered and signed on at that time takes quite a bit of pressure off matters first thing on Race Day.

This Club is now one of the top clubs in the Country, and I can see that from the vastly increased Memberships and full grids that we achieve at all our meetings. Comments fed back to us by the Circuits support this, as they view us bringing bigger paddocks than a fair number of other Clubs. Our reputation is still growing; let’s do even better in 2007.