Welcome to the blog all about building an energy efficient home. Here we’ll be covering everything from saving money on your energy bills to buying materials that can help insulate and help to make your home environmentally friendly. this blog is for everyone, so we’ll be talking about things that are completely naturally sourced such as woods etc to things that are man made but are still useful for saving energy and helping the environment too.

Building an energy efficient home with shiplap cladding

The energy saving effects that something like shiplap cladding can have an a home is remarkable. By it’s very nature, cladding adds and extra layer of insulation to either the outside or the inside of the wall. These days with ever changing styles of homes and the growing popularity of using wooden furnishing on walls, you’re just as likely to find shiplap style cladding on the inside of a home as you are to find it on the outside.


Using shiplap cladding in a home to save enerygy

The reason that this type of cladding style is so popular is because it overlaps. This means that it can not only be used as a hardwood decoration that looks great but that the overlap allows the trapping of heat and energy in a room. Wood on it’s own makes and excellent insulator because it does not easily transfer energy to it’s surrounding, when used as shiplap cladding though, it really is a remarkable material.

You can either source your wood already cut in a shiplap style or you can it yourself. Although we get a lot of DIY enthusiasts reading this blog, we would recommend getting the shop that you buy it from to cut it with a tongue and groove to save yourself a lot of time and effort in the long run. There are many popular woods that are used for the shiplap effect, the most popular inside homes is typically oak because of the beautiful grains that the wood naturally has. For more wood styles though, be sure to have a browse around online or even pop into your local timber merchants and get a real feel for it.

Being environmentally friendly with cheap wallpaper for insulation

The best form of insulation is trapping heat inside of a room before it gets chance to escape and wall decoration like cheap wallpaper may just be the unconventional answer that you’re looking for. I know that when you think insulation, you don’t typically think Cheap wallpaper, however overlook these discount wallpapers at your own loss. Many modern wallpaper manufacturers are making cheap wallpapers especially thick and out of insulating materials, by covering your walls in the energy saving materials you can prevent a good percentage of heat from escaping.

When you think about this method of wall insulation it actually makes sense, wallpapers can actually form and extra barrier between you and the outside world. The best part is that these cheap wallpapers can actually look pretty stylish too and can be sourced from ethically obtained and recycled materials, further reducing the carbon footprints of producing these wall hangings. Low cost wallpaper can be found from a variety of online stores but you may need to do a lot of searching around for companies that offer cheap and environmentally friendly materials however.


Cheap wallpaper can make effective insulation

So what sort of materials should your cheap wallpaper be made from? Well there are a number out there to choose from so you need to do a little bit of research first. Vinyl wallpapers make especially good heat insulators as they are non pourous materials, meaning that they don’t leave heat dissapate through them easily. Heavyweight wallpapers also come highly recommended to because they are naturally thick, be warned though these are on the more expensive side of the wallpapering market and may eat into your budget significantly!