Start racing

Start racing

Riders taking up Road Racing for the first time are required to commence with either a Novice or Intermediate Novice licence according to their level of motorcycle riding experience.


Entry level for persons NOT holding a Category A Motorcycle Road Licence. Orange jacket required (supplied by the ACU o­n request at a cost of £7.00p including VAT)


Entry level for persons holding a Category A Motorcycle Road Licence (a copy of which must be forwarded to the ACU with your application). No capacity restrictions apply. Orange jacket required (supplied by the ACU o­n request at a cost of £7.00 including VAT)

All newcomers to Road Race will be required to complete an ACU Pre-Competition Training Course as a pre-requisite to the issue of a Competition Licence.

So, you want to start racing? There is a lot to learn, but don’t let that put you off. We all have to start somewhere, and with a bit of luck the answers to your questions will be in this article, helping to get you o­nto a race track with the minimum amount of hassle.

If you are not sure if racing is for you, don’t try it o­n the road, go to a racing school or rent a racer. Either of these two options gives you the chance to find out if you have the skills to be a “Road Racer”.

Assuming that you have convinced yourself that this is the sport for you, a number of decisions now have to be taken, the first of which may be, what class should I compete in ? there are many classes available and choosing may be a little difficult. Depending o­n which class you choose may also have a direct effect o­n how easy it is to get a ride, some classes like the Formula 600 are so popular that very often the entry is over subscribed, therefore it may be better to choose a less popular class and be sure of a ride.

Getting a Competition Licence is a must, without this you cannot race. You must also be a member of a club (I can recommend a good o­ne, look at the top of the page) Licence and club membership forms are available from our Race Office.

Your licence must be signed by an Official of the club so the easiest thing to do is send both your licence application form and your club membership form to Dave Smith who’s address is above or on your club membership form, Dave will do the rest, easy eh! ? Don’t forget to enclose a SAE addressed to the ACU & a SAE with your name & address on so Dave can return any entry forms & your club membership card back to you. One final note is please DON’T send your club membership card to the ACU for any reason they will not return it if you do.

Oh, I forgot to mention, don’t forget to include in your applications the relevant fee’s, which are £42 for a licence, with the cheque made payable to the ACU, and £30 for your club membership thats for Solo & Sidecar Drivers, Sidecar Passenger is £20. All Cheques  made payable to Derby Phoenix MCC Ltd.

One question that is asked over and over again is: “Do I need a medical?” The short answer is no, if you are under 55 years of age and are o­nly going club racing, but you WILL need an eye test and this will probably cost you £10

When you have joined Derby Phoenix (excellent decision) all the relevant entry forms will be sent to you by the Entries Secretary, pick which meetings that you want to attend, pick the events that you want to compete in, return the entry forms and the relevant fee’s and turn up o­n the day, you’ll be surprised how welcome you will be.

If you are a complete newcomer to the sport, you will also need a Newcomers Race Jacket, or “Tabard”, these are coloured Orange and cost about £7.00p

When you receive your licence from the ACU you will also receive a current ACU Handbook, this is your “Bible”. In this book you will find all sorts of valuable information such as what you can and cannot do to your racing machinery and the specifications for all the different classes.

Now, you need to be aware of how a race meeting runs, what the different flags and their colours mean, what to do about practice and racing. There is a simple solution and answer to all these questions, come along to a Derby Phoenix meeting for free and learn about Road Racing, have a walk around the paddock and meet some of the competitors, ask them about their racing and above all else TALK TO THE OFFICIALS at the meeting, they are there to help you. Remember, it costs nothing to ask.

May we at Derby Phoenix MCC Ltd wish you the very Best of Luck in your new racing career

N.B. If you are not interested in racing a motorcycle but are interested in the racing scene, why not come along and see if you like marshalling. You get really close to the action, get into the venue for free and do a really worthwhile job and remember this, NO MARSHALS, NO RACING.